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i’ve been there …

Running a Business isn’t a walk in the park

Don’t worry  – you’re not alone.

95% of Business owners suffer from the same frustrations every day…

  • People Issues

  • Lack of Control

  • Not Enough Profit

  • No Growth

  • Loss of Direction

  • Nothing’s Working

 Invest 90 minutes with me, and let me show you how to:

  • Get your team 100% on the same page driving towards a shared vision

  • Get the most from all your people by placing them in the right seats

  • Objectively track activities to assure desired results

  • Develop your team to quickly resolve all issues and keep you moving forward

  • Minimise errors and create consistency around everything you do

So what changed for me

The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

EOS® was created to help entrepreneurs get what they want out of their businesses.

Here’s some facts and figures

  • 10,000 companies run on EOS
  • 350+ implementers around the world
  • 80,000 session days completed

EOS® is a simple and practical system that gives you control over your company and helps your organization communicate better.

Everyone in the company will be on the same page and move in the same direction. This improves business operations, helps your business grow, and provides greater balance in your life.



Getting everyone in the entire organisation 100% on the same page with where you’re going & how you’re going to get there


You can’t achieve a great company without great people. This means surrounding yourself with right people in the right roles and managing with discipline and accountability.



Becoming great at solving problems throughout the company – setting them up, knocking them down and making them go away forever. 



Running your business on good, solid, hard numbers, not the feelings, emotions and egos that often drive entrepreneurial companies.



An entrepreneurial way to Identify, simplify & document your unique core processes. Creating consistency & scalability.



This means bringing discipline & accountability into the organisation. Becoming great at execution, taking the vision down to the ground & making it real.

The EOS Toolbox™

EOS® is a set of timeless business principles and real-world tools that help Entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

By mastering this simple “way of operating,” leadership teams of growth-oriented companies achieve more revenue, growth, and profit, while delivering a better balance of life to company owners and leaders.

Invest 90 Minutes with Me and learn how to:w to make

  • Make your business self-managing
  • Increase the value of your business prior to sale
  • Live a better more balanced life

Why work with me ?

I’m Brandon Harris

As a child, I remember it seemed as if all of my family ran their own businesses, I was sold!

After studying Engineering at University, I moved into a sales career in the Filtration, Machine Tool and Metal Finishing industries.

Continuing my learning, with a Postgraduate qualification in Management, before launching my first real business – as a manufacturer of Giant Cookies! We even had to develop the machinery for our unique product! You learn so much in those early years, we grew very quickly. The success of the business grabbed the attention of a much larger food business and we sold.

From here, my career became more diverse, as a Sales Director in the Food Equipment industry and in publishing the most successful Motorcycle titles in the UK with EMAP. Completing an MBA during this time, at age 30, I decided that doing my own thing in the Fitness industry was my next move.

I developed and grew my main club for 18 years, launching, growing and selling 5 other health & fitness businesses along the way.

About 3 years ago I was talking to a friend who told me he was using the services of a “Professional EOS Implementer” to grow his engineering business by over 20% per year.

I was curious; I read the book ‘Traction’, loved the model and implemented EOS into my primary Fitness business leading to a successful sale in 2019.

My passion now is to help other business leaders experience the benefits of running on EOS.

A bit about me personally 🙂

I live in the Sussex countryside with my wife, Jo and my two boys, Oscar and Leo and two dogs. I mountain bike on the beautiful South Downs as much as I can and try to keep up with my sons increasing running skills…

For a complete change, I restore (and ride) classic 80’s motorbikes.

Invest 90 Minutes with Me and learn how to:

  • Implement a Simple, proven and easy to follow system to help you run a better business
  • Help your team create discipline and better accountability
  • Compartmentalise, so you work on the right things at the right time
  • Ensure your issues are dealt with as they arise and solved for good
  • Enjoy your business and working with your team


Some Happy Thriving Clients


Nuno Morgadinho

CEO & Partner at Wigilabs

Dear Brandon,
I wanted to thank you again for the session last week, we took an awful lot from it and found it enormously valuable.
I have just come out of our first L10 meeting where everyone on the leadership team voted 10. We are listening more, understanding our internal needs much better and we are finally working on the business by pursuing key initiatives. Your help has been invaluable since we’ve now started to envision our 6-year target, how we can get there and the effect we can have on the industry. EOS is a great execution system and we’ve been very lucky to have had such great coaching from you guiding us on each step. Your broad business experience as an executive is admirable and also contributes to having such productive sessions every time we meet. 


Alex Cornwell

Managing Director and Head Coach Revolution PTS Sussex

Working with Brandon and using the EOS tools has allowed me to work on the business more than I was previously able too. The clarity of our vision helps us make better decisions across the business as we expand by one site per year since we started.

Derek Keys

Chairman Evenden Estates

The benefits of working with Brandon and the EOS model, began when our vision became more clearly defined. Our meeting efficiency has improved and once the clarity of each leadership team role was identified we really moved forward

Matt Nairn

Owner Mint Fitness

I worked with Brandon when my fitness business was struggling a few years ago. What I learned from him transformed my personal income by several thousand £ per month.

Thank you.

Timmo Quantick

Change Fitness Group leadership team:

As we implemented EOS it became very clear why this model works. Defined roles, accountability, great meetings, and clear priorities, it is a no brainer to use this in small to medium businesses that want to grow.

Darrell Kent, Hakeem Jeffers

Founder & CEO @ Peaceful Push

Dear Brandon,

We can’t thank you enough for the session we had on Wednesday. The difference in not only our business, but our personal life has since been life-changing. The EOS process has enabled us to reduce the noise and get crystal clear on our direction as a business, with a clear reason behind that direction. We were able to highlight areas of confusion and with your support, were able to come together and go to the market with services that are aligned to our values with a clear ‘why’. Your experience and perspective has allowed us to become more confident in addressing issues we otherwise would find difficult to overcome. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your help and look forward to our next session.